Tour Designs North llc


                                                COMPANY  POLICIES of TOUR  DESIGNS  NORTH 

    Tour Designs North also referred to as:  TDN
    These policies are also in place for protection of guests.

     Tours are designed for a maximum capacity of 16 guests to benefit individual needs and requests and to provide preferred unique destinations

     that only accommodate a limited number of guests.  If tours are full you may request to be put on a stand-by list.  Many companies only hold our

     reservations until 90 days prior to travel and after that time we may not be able to obtain same accommodations or activities as advertised.  Most

     often there is a fee for us when canceling so we have based our policies within those guidelines.    

     Tours prices are based on double occupancy.  Checks, MasterCard and Visa are accepted as payment.

     Over 100 days from start of tour a 50% deposit is due to hold your reservation.
     90 days prior to start of trip 75% is due or ½ of balance is due if pre-booked with 50% down    
     60 days prior to start of trip 100% is due or balance remainder of 25% is due if pre-booked  
      If payment is made over 100 days before start day of tour TDN gives you at a 10-day grace period to change your mind from the time of booking.  

     After the 10-day grace period cancellation policy will be in effect.   If booking is made within 90 days of start of tour a 3-day grace period will be

     given after which all cancellation policies will be in effect.  If final payment is not received by 60 days prior to start of tour reservation is considered

     cancelled and subject to cancellation policies.
     Guests cancelling for any reason are subject to fees listed below and cancellations must be in writing via -  email, fax, or mail:  
     After 90 days prior to start date of tour   ---   25%   of funds received  
     After 60 days prior to start date of tour   ---   50%
     After 30 days prior to start date of tour   ---   100% 

     Tours Include: 
Tips for listed activities and events.  Hotel accommodations, entry and transportation to listed events and activities, scheduled     

     airport and ship transfers, water and snacks within stated confines of listed tour.  A minimum of one meal per day is included in tours and will be

     listed within confines of individual tours.
     Flight and cruise ship arrangements to / from Alaska are guest responsibility and tour operator must be notified of arrival and departure

     information and any changes to facilitate your local transfers to / from airport or cruise ship. 
     Not Included:  Items of a personal nature are not included.

     Gratuities for individual hotel room or TDN employees are not included.  Gratuities are recommended on a personal voluntary basis based on 

     service provided.  If an individual gives personal service above what is required or expected feel free to reward that individual above the

     included gratuity. 

     Alaska law does not allow for smoking within any public establishment or vehicle.   Marijuana is legal in Alaska but the laws are complex and it is

     not condoned by TDN.  It is illegal remove marijuana from Alaska.    

     Guests are responsible for making TDN aware of any limitations and restrictions.  Information collected is kept confidential and not shared

     without the confines of TDN unless necessary for the booking of an activity.  Weights are needed for some bookings.  Passport information is

     needed for any travel outside of the United States.  

     Changes may occur due to circumstances beyond our control and Tour Designs North reserves the right to make adjustments and substitution

     accordingly.  TDN does not assume responsibility for additional costs that maybe accrued for hotel, transportation or meals outside of tour

     listings that occur due to circumstances beyond our control.   

     RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE:  Tour Designs North shall be held harmless for death, injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss detriment to person

     or property of whatsoever kind suffered by tour participant and caused by an Act of God, war or warlike operations, civil commotions, labor

     trouble, government interference, fire thefts or any other crime by any person including terrorist activities.           

     TDN recommends travel insurance of your choice.  

     When the first deposit has been made and accepted the above terms will be considered accepted by all parties. 

                                                                                                                         THANK - YOU